Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Tips for Sight Reading

We have been experiencing life VERY differently since lock-down started this March in South Africa. Now that it has been extended and my husband and I have managed to get into a good routine between him working full time from home and me looking after our nearly 3-year-old son, I have finally managed to start teaching online. 

I was nervous that online teaching wouldn't work well, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I know a lot of other music teachers have been teaching this way from the moment schools closed (and they have been super positive about it). But having my little man at home, it just didn't seem like an ideal option. Now that I have no other option (as I have not had an income for a month), we are making it work in terms of our life at home. In terms of logistics with students, and them all having decent internet etc, it has been working well so far. Zoom has been my go-to app and it has been very efficient.

I know that I have been pretty hopeless at keeping this blog going consistently over the years, but I have been wanting to give my students some helpful content to encourage them and give them some quick tips for practicing. I felt that since I am going to be making the effort to stay up late and construct something useful for my students, I might as well share it with the world, and perhaps it will encourage some other folk out there who are needing some practicing inspiration.

So here goes my first infographic (thanks to Canva) of Tips for Sight Reading

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